Celebrating 35 Years

Welcome to COMAD! Since 1989, we have nurtured students in the arts with expert teachers passionate about their craft. Enjoy convenience and expertise across our two locations, with hassle-free recitals and personalized programs. With our in-house theater, we offer unmatched training and performance opportunities. Join our legacy of love for the arts!


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What our Clients Say!

Most of my teenage years have been spent, not at the mall or movies, but at the Conservatory of Music and Dance. I spent nights in a studio while friends sit at home on facebook or watching tv. I would not want to have it any other way, or at any other place. COMAD's awesome teachers and friendly, spirited student made my time at the Conservatory amazing. I have loved being at my studio and will miss it greatly when I leave next year. if you want your child to not only have a great dance education but also an enjoyable dance education send your child here. COMAD COMAD COMAD!

image01Emily M | &

What our Clients Say!

My daughter has taken Voice and Piano for ten years at the school. She looks forward to a career in the arts because of the special connections she has made with her teachers both personally and musically!.

image01Marie H | &

What our Clients Say!

BTW, I'd just like to mention how much we enjoyed the recital. We are very impressed with the dancing of your students, your ability to hire great teachers, their choreography, and the beautiful performances. We were also touched by the senior thank you's and your congratulations to them. Congratulations to you and your staff for providing a great second home to students where they feel a strong sense of belonging and can develop their potential as dancers and as young ladies and gentlemen.

image01Kathy M. | &

What our Clients Say!

Wow between the teachers resume's and the students that continue in the arts, I am so glad I found this place.

image01John H | &